Olivier Gosselain


Olivier Gosselain, la voix des potiers

Musée des Confluences présente : histoire des collections, 2016



Rémy Jadinon - Vidéos


Nyege Nyege Festival, Uganda, 2018

Traditional music on electrified stages


Bobongo - National Festival of Gungu

The Bobongo is an acrobatic song and dance performance executed by the Ekonda, Bolia, Idenga and Tumba populations from the Equateur province in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Bobongo appeared in the early 19th century and contains manu songs and dances of the region that were put together by the choreographer itetele.

Bobongo is characterized by a predetermined sequence of steps where musicians show different artistic skills. Vocal polyphony.

Group dances.


The Institute of National Museums for Congo and the Royal Museum for Central Africa study the transformation process of musical traditions.


National Gungu festival 2015.

The National Gungu Festival - Fesnag is an annual meeting that promotes musical cultures of the DR Congo and other African countries.

After moving around in the country, the festival was back in Gungu for its 15th edition.

The festival is a cultural and tourist event offering a complete experience of cultural diversity.

This festival opens up new fields for African musicology.



The muscial traditions of Mitsogho, Gabon

Among the Mitsogho, the ngombi harp is the primary instrument used in traditional ceremonies.Bwètè.

This profane music and his artists becomes more popular.


Colophon records - Musiques du monde :